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ТЕМА: How Email Marketing Can Help in the Recruitment an

How Email Marketing Can Help in the Recruitment an 6 дн. 31 мин. назад #1798

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Those who think that email is no longer important today are deceived. It is already proven that 92% of adults on the Internet use email, and 61% of them use it on a daily basis , according to research by Pew Research . Besides that, an email is 40 times more effective for acquiring new customers and your message is 5 times more likely to be seen when compared to social networks. Based on these and other statistics, we are going to address in this publication what are the characteristics and advantages that email marketing can offer to your educational institution. Email Marketing X Newsletter X Spam Before going into detail regarding the email marketing strategy, we are going to define some concepts that can often be confused: email marketing, newsletter and spam do not mean the same thing. Know the differences between each one: Newsletter A newsletter is a type of email marketing produced with a fixed frequency and that normally addresses issues such as news, news and curiosities about the best blog posts of your institution, for example: If your IE is a university with several courses and a large number of students, having a weekly newsletter can be something well received due to the volume of information that you must disseminate.

However, if you work in a small English course, which generally has a smaller number of students, a monthly newsletter can meet your demand. The frequencies mentioned above are only suggestions according to the number of students, courses and particularities that each type of institution has. Therefore, to discover the most appropriate periodicity for your business, it is necessary to carry out tests and compare ecuador cell phone numbers list the results found. A newsletter can be seen as one more opportunity for your IE to be closer to your students. For that to happen, use this medium to transmit relevant information that arouses interest and directs the reader to an action, such as sharing or commenting on a new course that will be offered. Taking these details into account, it is possible to increase the chance that your students will open your newsletter and not mark it as spam. Spam Don't let your institution's emails turn into spam! Do you know of those messages sent to many people who did not grant permission to receive that email? Those are called spam. One characteristic is that most present offers or want to sell a product or service at any cost even if the recipient is not interested. Therefore, even emails that do not serve that purpose and are crafted to be relevant can be identified by some providers as spam. So that this does not happen with your institution there are some tips that you can follow such as: Don't buy email lists Get to know the people who will receive your emails, that way you will be able to offer something of value and increase the chances of turning them into potential students for your institution. Do not write the subject in capital letters First, it is not something pleasant and second, it is already proven that 85% of people prefer subjects with lower case letters, according to the Radiate report that we mentioned earlier.

Don't forward emails to hard bounced users Hard bounce occurs when an email fails to be delivered to the recipient's inbox due to a permanent defect, such as a non-existent, invalid or blocked address. By sending an email to that user again, your delivery rate will decrease which can result in a penalty from providers preventing you from sending emails normally. One sign that can indicate this problem is that your delivery rate is starting to show a rate lower than 95%. If that happens, it is best to exclude emails marked as hard bounce. Email Marketing Already, email marketing presents a whole strategy behind its elaboration, from the construction of the message so that it is scannable to the segment it is addressed to - who agreed to receive the email and that it is appropriate to their interests. Producing this type of email is an optimal way to disseminate content and information for people who have already shown interest in your institution . After all, they accessed your site or blog and filled out a form, leaving their information such as name and email, giving permission for you to contact them through emails. In other words, you can make your institution be remembered, demonstrate what makes you different and convince the reader to take the desired action of enrolling, through email marketing . This channel, in addition to offering a good address on who will receive your message, also provides a direct means of conversation, allowing the recipient to respond and vice versa, building a dialogue and a relationship that can generate many positive results.
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